I’m a Freelance
PHP Developer

Developing online applications and websites since 1996


An introduction

Since 1996 I have been developing websites and applications, much has changed during this time and keeping my skills updated has been of huge importance to me, I spend most of my time building websites in PHP frameworks such as Laravel or honing my skills reading up on web development and clean coder techniques.  I take pride in writing clean, easy to read, bug free code, and regularly test my work using techniques such as TDD and BDD.


My main bread and butter is PHP and the surrounding eco-system, PHP has undergone a huge amount of change in the last few years with the adoption of tools like composer, phpunit, phpspec, behat and many more ...

The Code Artisan Team

I'm a friendly web developer from the UK and I build stuff on the web for businesses. I work from my home in the sunny village of Edwalton in Nottingham. I have a passion for all things web related especially building websites and web applications.

When I am not basking in the glorious sunshine on my laptop and working with some amazing clients, I like to spend time with my dog Flynn, he is a two year old Labrador, and yes .. he is utterly bananas.


Any web developer worth his or her salt will talk to you about “keeping ahead of the curve”, this industry moves at a truely mesmerizing pace, which is why it is super-important to be always learning.